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Joseph Montuori, CEO & SET

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Fire Alarm Systems

My name is Joseph Montuori, CEO, SET. I am the CEO and Founder of Peace of Mind Fire & Security Safety LLC & the Fire CAD Design Division.​ Since 2008 I have been professionally active in the fire alarm contracting industry where I built professional relationships with stakeholders, fire marshals, and a multitude of contractors.​

About Your Designer

I am a people person and I thoroughly enjoy the process of getting to know my clients from the initial consultation and seeing it all the way through design completion. - J.M

About The Designer
Why I Started Design
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Why I Started Designing

Action Had To Be Taken

  • Clear & Precise Layouts 

  • Calculations: The System Needs To Function As Intended

  • Devices Must Be Mounted To Meet code Compliance

  • The Layout Has To Be Clear For Installers

  • Wiring Details Are Required To Eliminate Confusion

  • Circuit Pathing Had To Be Efficient For Installation

If you would like to learn more, I invite you to review the additional topics shown below. 
If you have questions or concerns, give me a call I can clarify the requirements for you.

2008 My fire alarm contracting business was launched. I was frustrated with the lack of detail in fire alarm drawing sets often having to spend more time and labor to complete a fire alarm installation. After all, it's about life safety.

The drawings were incomplete and in turn, I needed to perform additional calculations or make unnecessary phone calls acting as a middleman between the designer and the fire marshal. The same frustration was felt by electrical contractors I was working alongside with. It was a major issue and I decided to make a change that benefits everyone involved.

I enrolled in AutoCAD classes and within 1 year I was extremely proficient in the software. I had built a massive library of fire alarm details, excel calculation sheets, and accurate fire alarm drawings including actual code-compliant NFPA-170 Fire Alarm Symbols. I invested in a 24" plotter (a fancy name for a large format printer) and began printing my own drawings to create submittals.

The fire marshals were impressed and I was one of the very few companies in my state adhering to the minimum documentation requirements set forth by the International Building Code (IBC) & The National Fire & Signaling Code (NFPA-72).

My crew and I worked off the drawing sets I created and it took the guesswork out of the installation. Other contractors specifically electrical and other fire alarm contractors began to notice. 

I started offering design services and lessened the burden on contractors tasked with bidding and installing a fire alarm that had limited knowledge of such a specialized trade and the rest is history.

The Level of Expertise Succeeds

Understanding Requirements

The Fire Alarm Design Process 

Design Phases Developed By Us

The Fire Alarm Drawing Set

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